Work in Progress
Ideas at various levels of baked
February, 2017
Slacking on Pain
A selection of images for the REIDGRAVES spoken word album Slacking on Pain
February, 2017
--Work in Progress-- (“Fort !" and "Da !" are exclamations that Sigmund Freud heard his grandson Ernst utter while playing. This pair of words—meaning "Gone!" and "There!"—has become shorthand for repetition in early childhood, and for the primary processes that such behaviour mobilises.) ---
July, 2016
Hot Strawberries
Project to illustrate some of the poetry in Ron Graves' book "Hot Strawberries"
January, 2016
Part of a project to illustrate 14 songs on the new REIDGRAVES album
November, 2015
Looking through glass or in a mirror at a word that defines you
July, 2015
Pictures of Artists (musicians, actors and the like)
March, 2013
Missing in Action
This was a project to accompany The Contrast's Missing in Action CD. One image per track
March, 2013
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